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"I would like to say thank you for all that you have done for me. I have been able to have a blast whether i have been in Okinawa or South Korea. I have also been able to let some people in and go out. Without you i don't think i would have been able to do all this. I am ready to come home and start a new chapter in my life no matter where it might take me. Remember i said that i would like to get into mountain biking when i come back. Well i already have a group to ride with out here. When we return we plan on doing rides together. You were right life does go on and is never just in the toilet. I hope you are doing well."
— J.C. Gunnery Sergeant, USM

"Thank you for always being a guiding light, a beacon, a spiritual mother. Throughout the years your nurturing, patience, and love (sometimes tough) has made me into a woman I love a little more every day. I can truly say, I never would have found her without you. Thank you for always being there, for showing up, and for working hard to further your own journey so as to take me further in mine. l love you more then I can express."
— T.C., Oceanside

"I started to go to Rhoda after I found out that my wife wanted to divorce me while I was deployed. When I got back I was confused, hurt, angry, and in pain. I felt like nothing was ever going to end up right. I felt like I was worthless, pathetic, and just a plain loser. But after going to her for a year now, things look good again. I no longer think or believe that at all. I feel happy again and that life is worthwhile. I listened to her and did the work that she kept encouraging me to do. She was a lifesaver and because of her, my life is back on track."
— J.C. GySgt/USMC

"When I think of the words I should use to express my gratitude and appreciation for the experiences I have had with Rhoda, I am tongue-tied. I think back to how lost and broken I felt when I first came to Heart-Centered Therapy. I truly believed that my life was destined for pain and suffering, that the wrong people would always be attracted to me and that I needed to learn to handle higher levels of pain and suffering to "survive" life. I did not want to wake up anymore. Rhoda has guided me to a level of self-love and spirituality that truly makes my heart smile. I can carry on with my days loving the idea of living life, not just getting by... Embracing change or new experiences with love and appreciation for what they may offer to me, accepting myself as a Divine being knowing that I was put here to love and extend my love to others. And respecting myself enough to know when it is time to let unhealthy patterns, people or situations go. Today, I have goals and ideas that I would never let myself believe we're possible in the past. I am grateful to be alive! I feel excited to wake up in the morning and love my life! I love you so very much Rhoda... Thank you so very much for all that you do."
— Leanne

"Before I came to Rhoda I used to discount my life, now I affirm it! Before coming to Rhoda I didn't have many tools to help me deal with whatever was going on my life in a healthy way. After committing to do my growth work-that is to go to work on myself- Rhoda skillfully and lovingly guided me so that I could face any situation happening in my life, and grow from it. She is a maser at what she does! She does it with integrity, skill, kindness, sincerity, honesty, patience, and love. She is a champion of people and is well-equipped to guide you on your journey towards healing. She is an empowering professional who works to develop her clients to be who they are meant to be with no limits to what they can achieve. Her spiritual practice giver her sessions a special touch. I am eternally grateful that Rhoda has been an amazing professional who has helped me regain my self-confidence, self-love, and voice while helping me manifest my dreams! Thank you Rhoda for helping me develop empowering tools that I can apply to my daily life!"
— Diane O., Escondido

"The past few years of my life have been the most life-changing for me. Since I met you, I re-discovered who I really am. Youíve been with me through the most tumultuous period of my life and I now know that without you or the people Iíve met through our groups, I wouldnít come out of the most emotionally difficult times on my feet. The peace I feel as soon as I step into your office is explainable and there are no words to express my gratitude to you for what youíve taught me. Iíve learned to (and how to) love myself and youíve been so gentle with me in my path to peace and joy! Iíve learned to trust the process of the universe and to be OKAY with whatever Iím feeling and to work gently with myself along the journey. I just cannot imagine my life without our groups or without your words that have such healing power over me. I look forward to having you be a huge part of my life for many, MANY years to come for the journey never ends. With my heart in my hand, I thank you."
— J Celia M., Temecula


"Thanks to a referral from a friend, I originally sought help from Rhoda for managing my stress level as a parent of a special needs child. Not only has she helped me in so many ways with that, but I've also gained balance and peace in many other areas of my life. Anyone who meets Rhoda quickly realizes how much she cares about each individual, without judgement or reservation. Her warm approach meets me where I'm at. Rhoda has helped me become the woman that I never knew I was or could be, but whom she would say I always have been. She continually helps me learn how to honor myself, to stand up for myself, and to navigate the multitude of relationships in my life. Despite me dealing with a chronic and debilitating autoimmune disease that most doctors (as well as friends and family) don't take seriously, Rhoda helps me navigate believing in myself and my self-worth, and advocating for myself. Rhoda has had such a profound and personal impact on me. I am so grateful for her presence in my life."
— Elizabeth

"My name is Sara Restivo. I am 27 years old. I started seeing Rhoda in August of last year. I had been involved in a physical, mental and emotionally abusive relationship with my boss. I saw no way out. I had lost all of my friends. I was at the lowest point of my life. My sister had recommended that I see Rhoda because she had helped her get back on her feet. Rhoda saved me. She is an angel. Every time I went to see her it made me feel like someone was listening to me and actually cared. When I first started seeing her I was very self conscious and very unhappy with the way I looked. She helped me write down goals and I made a vision board of where I want to see myself in a year from then. I have reached almost all of those goals within a matter of a year I quit smoking, lost 28 lbs, traveled the world, and I am feeling more and more confident every day :) we talk about being affirmative about ourselves and the people around us, learning from the past and focusing on the present moment and taking life one step at a time. She has taught me so much, I now find myself helping other people that were in my same situation. I am currently single, extremely happy, and loving myself again. It's the best feeling and I could not have done it without her. Words cannot even explain how much she has done for me. I will be eternally grateful."
— Sara Restivo, Valley Center

"Strength comes in many forms, even for those of us who once felt or believed they had no purpose. Thank you Rhoda for being our beacon of light and helping us through the fog. It takes a gifted spirit to withstand the roller coaster of others. I am eternally grateful for your guidance."
— J. Teixeira.

"Rhoda has helped me find the tools I needed to live my life after my husband died. I have become more confident and independent. She showed me how to make the present fulfilling and rewarding. I was lost about how to proceed but she has guided me towards an awesome future. I will be eternally grateful to her."
— Gayle C., Fallbrook

My Words
by Krys Palacios, former Marine Sergeant, Served in Afganastan & Iraq

When did this start? How did I get this way? Somewhere I broke apart. Somewhere I strayed. A lean, mean, killing machine; before the war, the things Iíd already seen. Unforgiving and unrelenting; Friend after friend; feeling lifeís hot sting; wondering if it will ever end. Angry and morose; wanting to let it all go; just donít bother I suppose. There came a love I didnít expect. I finally rose above my own train wreck. Good times rolled. I finally smiled, but tricked by a show. This warm light had faded away, in another blight, in misery, in grey. There I was again not wanting to keep going. Thereís nothing to defend. When will I live? When will I die? I donít want to give in to another lie. When will this change? How long do I have to do this? Be the one thatís strange. With no dreams left. Iíve lost them all. With no light I crept, afraid again Iíll fall. I donít want to be this anymore. The wicked witch. Like I was before. Not one to be static for too long. I need to attack. I need to get strong. Keep the friends that I need. Cast away the rest. Get rid of the dead greed. I canít do this anymore. This isnít me. Iím a warrior and always will be. The changes I intend to make; take over the world; make it something that I create. Always move forward; Iíve made the choice. To speak my words and use my Sergeant voice.

"Rhoda, I wanted to take a moment to express my soul-felt appreciation and love for you. This journey has been one filled with love, pain, surprises, accomplishment, self-discovery, and a new-found love for myself and this beautiful life. You continue to help me discover the greatness within me, and have filled my heart with hope and faith. Thank you for hearing my heart's feelings. You've taught me that feeling is "okay," allowing others to experience the pure love within me that I have to offer is okay -- to trust the process, which will lead me to all the opportunities the Universe has to offer. Thank you for your amazing guidance, for being and continuing to be my light and guiding me to my true self."
— Leanne E., San Diego

ďRhoda, you are my inspiration! I have been seeing you for almost a year now and you have been the most understanding person and biggest support that Iíve had in my life. As you know, at first I was so naive and didnít think I needed any help but I gave it a chance and now I feel incomplete if I donít see you at least a couple times a month. I've grown so much and also see the world from different perspectives. I've discovered so many new things about myself and you know I couldnít have done it without your help. Thanks for all your time and hard work!Ē
— Alondra A., Valley Center

Rhoda's comment: Alondra, against all odds, was able to learn to trust again and believe in her worth and value. She is the first in her family to get a high school diploma. Not only a diploma, but she graduated valedictorian of her class! She will be going to college in the fall and is on her way to a bright and prosperous future. It just goes to show you, that no matter what age you are, you can turn your life around!

"It being Thanksgiving I just wanted to personally say, Thank You for everything that you've helped me through. I know you'd probably say I did all the work, but I truly don't think I could have gotten through my darkest days without you. Happy belated Thanksgiving to you and your family. Thank You."
— Justin S., former SGT. Marines

"I just wanted to thank you for helping me find my voice. It is because of you I am who I am today. I will never forget you. I'm going to school for microbiology in the spring. I've never been as happy in my life than these last 4 months. It's because I always use your advice. I love you. Thank you so much!
— Adrianna Johnson, formerly Marine wife in Temecula, now residing in Missouri

"Rhoda, I just wanted to send a note and give thanks for you on your special day. What you have done for me is unexplainable. I will do my best to put into words how truly grateful I am, but know this, words arenít deep enough when it comes to how truly grateful and appreciative I am for your presence in my life. When I first came to you, I felt hopeless. I honestly just thought that I would come and find a way to deal with my depression and my hopeless feelings. That you would be able to teach me how to fake it and just push through them. What I received from you (and thankfully I allowed it in to my consciousness) was much, much more. The first time I heard your story, I thought, well she must be nuts! I donít see how you could go through all of that depression and suicidal stuff and come out ďhappy.Ē Your happiness must be fake right? Boy, was I wrong!! Everyday, and in every way Rhoda, you are a positive example to me of how I can, if I choose to, live my life in a fuller, more active, and more aware way than I EVER have before. And who knew, itís not a front!".... Read Full Testimonial
— Beckah Restivo, Valley Center

"Brittany, my grand-daughter, is 14 years-old and sitting high in the saddle. She is receiving horseback riding instructions, along with therapy at the same time. When she first met Angel (Rhoda's therapy horse), she was very afraid to touch him. When Brit was very young, a horse frightened her when she tried to feed it. Rhoda has gently introduced Brittany to the pleasures of feeding, cleaning, and riding a horse. It has been a great experience for her to learn to ride in the ring and then to explore the trails high above the trees. Rhoda has an opportunity to talk to Brit about any other issues as they ride together. She has gained so much confidence and is even thinking about barrel racing some day in the future. Rhoda makes therapy fun for her and she always looks forward to her sessions with Rhoda and Angel. Thank you Rhoda!"
— Her Nonna, Valley Center

"Rhoda is a knowledgeable workshop leader. She offers a structured, safe, and loving environment which enhances personal growth and development. This was a delightful class. I would recommend these workshops to anyone desiring more growth in their spiritual/emotional life."
— Keith K. Fallbrook, ME

"First and foremost I am my kids mom!!! I am blessed exceedingly and abundantly above all that I could ask or think with THREE intelligent, handsome, good natured, rambunctious, inquisitive..BOYS. My boys are my Joy! When I first came to Rhoda it was at a time in my life when I was pretty much broken and at a crossroads. Rhoda began working with me and challenging old beliefs that kept me stuck, ultimately beginning my journey to freedom. It has been a long road, but without Rhoda I don't believe I ever would have realized my own potential. Since seeing Rhoda consistently I have faced many of my personal demons and have gotten a taste of what it is to step into my own power. I am no longer a victim of life!!!! I now live my life on my terms, and I don't accept anything less than that. In the time that I have been doing my growth work (therapy) with Rhoda, I have ended relationships that no longer serve me, begun great new relationships, began my recovery of being a co-dependent, and most currently I am finishing up my undergraduate degree at CSU- San Marcos. Today, I am empowered. Finally, growth is a process, and through mine I recognized that my boys would also benefit from having regular family sessions. Rhoda's ranch provides the perfect space for my boys to enjoy one of her most unique services which is animal therapy. Since beginning our family sessions my boys have been enjoying Rhoda's interactive approach to goal setting, problem solving, communicating, and the overall cohesiveness of our family. Working and playing with the animals in a private setting allows my boys to relax and also fosters an open honest, and nurturing atmosphere - for that we are all truly blessed and grateful".
— Tracy C.

"I have an immense amount of gratitude to share for the work that I have been doing in the care of Rhoda. She is an amazing therapist and my life has changed considerably since I started therapy. Rhoda has been an extraordinary stand for me living an empowered life. What started out as family therapy ended up effecting change in every area of my life. My ďissuesĒ of feeling unworthy of love and respect from myself or others started when I was a child with an emotionally abusive mother with severe mental disease.
These issues carried on into my choice of employer and even my choice of husband. Through my therapy I worked with Rhoda to release years of bottled up anger, my avoidance issues, my need to fix everything, and my willingness to take on everyone else's pain while not taking care of myself at all. I didnít see any of this in the beginning. I did my work and each time I stood for myself I gained the realization that I am worthy, that I am lovable, that I get to chose who was is my life and what happens. I learned to have healthy boundaries. The very best thing that has happened from all of this is that I let go of my marriage. The entire idea of divorce was devastating to me just a few short months ago. Now, I am so thankful to have moved forward.
I am happier then I ever imagined I could have been. I have fallen in-love with a man that has been my best friend for sixteen years. We had both been married before and were now single together for the first time. We are living a great adventure of freedom and self-expression that is beyond any thing my mind could have made up. Itís truly a dream come true. I am living an extraordinary life and Rhoda has made all the difference."
— Karen T., Valley Center

"So have you ever heard of Landmark Forum? If you haven't, it is a three day intensive look into the "head" by this group. It's meant to have you move past your fears and preconceived notions and bring on your future. Well I can tell you that hypnotherapy was way better than Landmark Forum and it was only an hour and a half. I would say it was as great as 50 regular therapy sessions. I really don't think I should have been driving when I left your office. I should have just been laying outside in the sun because I was drunk with life! I was literally giddy and light for at least 45 minutes. I came back to reality by the next day but still that reality has changed. Of course there is still much work and practice to do but I've got to tell you that I feel really great and very grown up. Very empty in side but in a good way. I keep comforting little Karen and telling her the positive affirmations. We bought a sparkly rainbow bracelet and look at if often. I've found that all that worry that creeps up in me is little Karen and when it happens I put adult Karen in charge. Little Karen is learning to trust her! It's been really great.
Moving forward in life and I just wanted to let you know how things are going and to thank you for your GREAT work. You are amazing and I value your guidance immensely! Thanks so much."
— Karen, Escondido

"I sought help with a failing marriage initally thinking that it would be a "couples" type of effort. It was not, I was on my own and as most if not all military guys failure was not an option. I was miserable in my marriage but I was not going to let it fail on my watch. I was going to do all and anything that I could to save it. It was not to be and fortunatley I got thru it with Rhoda's incredible guidance. I use the term guidance loosely in that she doesnt take your life over and tell you how and what to do, in fact she has an amazing ability to pull out what you need to do from your soul, turn it around and show it to you. So in fact you never are not in control, though it is a little frightening at first and my seem like you are. I would strongly encourange anyone, especially my fellow Marines, to take the leap, get the help and get out from under what ever it may be that has you pinned down. I hesitated and all it did was cost me time and continued needless suffering. At the end of the day, when your military career is over, all you have is your pension and some momento's. None of which is worth continued suffering. DO IT! Take the leap, you will not be sorry."
— GySgt S. U.S. Marines

"Meeting Rhoda was a great blessing to my life and attending her workshop helped me to be more positive in my life in order to achieve the things that I want. Her teachings help people move forward, to love more itself, be more prosperous in their lifes, and everything that you want to do in life. Thank you very much for the sweetness and kindness Rhoda to teach, because you teach with a big heart and that really makes the difference. You give much more than just your teachings, you give love, hope and bring blessings into peoples' lifes. Thanks so much for your help in my life."
— Paula Miranda Labra, Escondido and Chile, S. America

"Rhoda's class on "Removing Obstacles to Prosperity," helped me identify my bad habits and ways of thinking that were holding me back from allowing my prosperity. I left the class with the ability to trust that good things are coming my way and I deserve every one of them!"
— Amy M., San Diego

"The workshop on prosperity was very insightful. It helped get me on the path towards meditation and understanding and appreciating the power of affirmations. Excellent investment of my time. A great way to start my week!"
— E.L., Escondido

"I am glad I found Rhoda and her workshops and appreciate her guidance. Her workshops have helped me heal my past and look forward to my future."
— Keith K., Fallbrook.

"As a result of Rhoda's workshop on prosperity, I am no longer getting in my own way and I have become "abundance conscious". I also received many practical tools,resources and daily reminders of the abundance that already exists in my life, reminding me how grateful I am for them. Who would have thought I'd come so far in just 8 weeks. This morning, I had an "aha" moment, jumped out of bed at 6am and got on the phone and put in place a huge missing piece of my financial puzzle. As a result, we will make $15-20,000 this month. Thanks Rhoda!
— Richard N., Valley Center

"As a result of working with Rhoda, I am aware that hypnotherapy accessed my subconscious mind implanting suggested solutions to stored disturbing thoughts from my childhood and as a result of war. These solutions have stayed with me beyond the period of therapy, and as a result I am better able to cope with disturbing thoughts which has enhanced the quality of my life."
— J. Baker, Valley Center and New Zealand

"Rhoda has taught me to believe in myself. I don't know how I would have made it this past year without her. I thank God for her and the wisdom and guidance she provided me through this journey."
— Deena, Fallbrook

"Rhoda gave me my life back. After my daughter, my best friend, died of cancer I never thought I could feel joy again. Rhoda helped me through my grief, my darkest hours, and taught me how to heal and feel love again in my life.
— M. Metz, San Marcos

“Recently I completed one of Rhoda’s workshops. I found this experience to be uplifting, motivating, inspirational & transformative. She helped me to reach inside myself for my own answers experiencing a sense of empowerment. Rhoda is a very loving, gentle, and competent facilitator who inspires others to believe in themselves and experience their full potential.“
— Katherine B., Valley Center

“The workshops that Rhoda facilitates are inspiring & life changing. She teaches you what you’ve always wanted to obtain, but haven’t been able to achieve. I have attended many of her workshops, and I always go away with more than I expected. My life has changed dramatically. You’ll want to come; these workshops are for everyone!
— Jean L., Vista

“I have suffered chronic migraines for 30 years. I had tried various means to alleviate them. Working with Rhoda, I was able to re-experience a childhood incident which caused me continuing stress which I discovered I had been carrying for decades in the form of migraines. Since our sessions, I have had fewer and less severe headaches.”
— Jack G., Escondido

“Through hypnotherapy I was able to regain my self-esteem and put an end to the self punishing behavior of over eating. With the help of Rhoda I have lost 32 lbs. and feel confident and loved. I know I will not return to my old eating patterns. Hypnotherapy changed my life by giving me the power to love and take care of myself.”
— Adriana L., San Diego

'As a military wife of twelve years, I began therapy with Rhoda a little over a year ago. Although it was apparent to me that I needed help in my marriage, I did not recognize how much anger and personal conflict I had stored deep within myself. Having been through many deployment cycles, and losing many friends due to combat, I stumbled along each day acting as if everything was just fine. With a crumbling marriage and a husband struggling with PTSD, my "self" was lost. I was falling apart both emotionally and physically. Week after week, Rhoda worked at chipping away my old behavior patterns and ways of thinking. She gave me the tools I needed to begin to re-discover exactly who I am and how to love myself. She gave me the confidence to finally speak my truth and actually have faith in myself that I can trust my inner guidance. This last year has been the most difficult year of my life, and as I look back and reflect on the changes that have transpired within me, I will be forever grateful to Rhoda for her selfless giving. Her spirit is amazing!"
— D.S., Fallbrook



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