Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy


Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy (HCH) is a powerful psychotherapeutic modality that addressed the growth and health of body, mind, emotion and spirit. This modality fits with widespread categories of deep experiential therapy, humanistic psychology and transpersonal psychotherapy.

A typical session of HCH begins with a set intention or focus problem area that is disclosed by the participant. Hypnosis can be seen as an expanded state of consciousness characterized by conscious (personality) and unconscious (soul) awareness coupled with heightened responsiveness to suggestion. In hypnosis, attention is withdrawn from the outside world and is concentrated on mental sensory and physiological experiences. Relaxing music and meditative talk guide the participant into a deep state of peace and serenity. This sanctuary state is then anchored by the facilitator and begins the cellular restructuring of a person's physical being.

The participant is then guided back in time to the source of the presenting problem. Hypnosis often produces a deeper contact with one's emotions, resulting in a lifting of repression of buried fears and conflicts, and a healing through cathartic release. This information is often a unique surprise and a great opportunity for insights and realizations. Usually the information received has been stored in the deep recesses of our subconscious body/mind and generally lies unresolved, yet active in the participant's daily lives. It is in these moments that a participant has the "aha" experience about a particular issue that has been plaguing them for potentially decades.

A period of deep, experiential release works around feelings of anger, hurt, shame, sadness and fear proceeds for sometime around HCH sessions. Upon completion of the release an illuminating old conclusion becomes conscious. Such as "there is something wrong with me," "I don't deserve to exist," "Life is unsafe," "People are untrustworthy", "Relationships are scary," or "I have no voice." Whatever the conclusion is for any participant one thing remains clear, the conclusions all are self-limiting, constricting, and dehumanizing separating one from their truest, remarkable self.

After some time, a new conclusion emerges. This new conclusion is vital to the healing process as it is created from the empowering adult ego state versus a childhood traumatic state. This is then anchored in the participant's body, mind and spirit through a variety of experiential healing modalities. The anchoring ensures the pattern changes as the change is concretized on the deepest levels of the person's unconscious. The participant will then be directed to dialogue with their inner child from the nurturing ego state. This gives the child the new messages about the transformative conclusions made.

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