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Hypnotherapy involves a deliberate choice to enter an altered state of consciousness to promote healing. Hypnotherapy is a natural self created state—a state you slip in and out of many times throughout the day.

While in hypnosis, your mind and body are relaxed, while the subconscious mind remains alert and receptive to positive suggestions. A Clinical Hypnotherapist serves as a guide who induces a hypnotic trance affirming suggestions specifically geared to the goal of therapy.

The client is always in control during the process. The subconscious mind processes these thoughts and images of the mind and body, setting the healing process in motion.

The American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association approve Hypnotherapy for use by professionally responsible individuals who have been certified to use this healing modality.


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"I am just beginning, but have made enormous strides in the past year. This is due to Rhoda's guidance and amazing personal stories of beating odds herself with depression and emptiness on her own life. Rhoda and Ziggy are invaluable co-pilots on this journey that I've decided to embark upon. Who knows where in the world I'll end up next!” — Beckah, Valley Center, CA

“Through hypnotherapy I was able to regain my self-esteem and put an end to the self punishing behavior of over eating. With the help of Rhoda I have lost 32 lbs and feel confident and loved. I know I will not return to my old eating patterns. Hypnotherapy changed my life by giving me the power to love and take care of myself.”
Adriana L., San Diego, CA

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Did You Know?
A survey of the psychotherapy literature reveled the following Recovery rates:
Psychoanalysis. . . . . . 38% after 600 Sessions
Behavior Therapy. . . . .72% after 22 Sessions
Hypnotherapy. . . . . . . 93% after 6 Sessions

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